Check out the video below to see The Paw Wash in action!

The #1 Patented Paw Wash is a fast and efficient way to keep your dogs paws clean.  Use The Paw Wash at home or on the go-perfect for traveling, hiking and trips to the dog park.

The unique hour glass design creates a vortex of cleaning solution scrubbing away dirt and mud in seconds-helping remove bacteria and alleviate allergens. The Paw Wash is also safe to use with medications. Follow the The Paw Wash with the quick drying Paw Wash Mitt!


Step 1

Remove the center cap that says "Lift." Fill the Paw Wash with a few drops of pet soap and  fill it with water to the fill line (make sure to leave the yellow ring on that holds the black squeegee in place).

Step 2

Insert your dog’s paw into the container to create the water bursting suction action by moving the Paw Wash up and down the paw.

Step 3

Remove the paw and see how our unique squeegee top helps keep the water droplets inside. Then just pat the paw dry with our microfiber Paw Wash mitt.

Step 4

Repeat for each dirty paw as listed above. Typically one should be able to wash all four paws with one filling.