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Brushless paw wash for cleaning dog muddy paws

Why does the squeegee keep coming off on my dog's leg?

The yellow ring needs to stay on tight to keep the squeegee in place while cleaning your dog's paws. 

Just "lift" the center piece that says "lift" and make sure the yellow ring is tight. 

Dog using paw wash to clean dog paws

What size do i need for my dog?

The Large Paw Wash is for dogs from 25lbs up to 125lbs. 

The Small Paw Wash is for dogs 25lbs and under.

The Paw Wash Mitt works for all sizes. 

Brushless Paw Wash cleaning & care instructions

Product Care Instructions

Simply pour out the dirty water after cleaning all your dog's paws.

Unscrew the yellow ring and remove the squeegee. 

Place all parts in upper deck of your dishwasher.